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What are the best clubs in Dubai?

At night, Dubai is becoming the center of nightlife. The numerous bars, great restaurants, luxurious clubs and lounges on the roofs of skyscrapers are open. You can smoke shisha enjoying the pleasant lounge ambience and delicious food or dance in the club until the morning. The best DJs from all over the world come to Dubai to make their sets. Whatever are your preferences in music and atmosphere, in night Dubai you will definitely find exactly what you like.

  1. What are the best nightclubs in Dubai?
  2. Is it allowed to drink alcohol in clubs in Dubai?
  3. How to dress in a club in Dubai?
  4. Are clubs open in Dubai during Ramadan?
  5. Where to go for Ladies Night in Dubai?

Indeed, Dubai is the real capital of nightlife. Clubs there have huge dance floors and comfortable lounges. The best dancers and artists perform there and each party is different and unforgettable. Most nightclubs are packed on Thursday and Friday nights. Thus, if you want to take a table, it is better to book it in advance.

So, what are the best nightclubs in Dubai?

White Dubai

White Dubai is the biggest and one of the most luxurious nightclubs in the city. It is situated at the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand Rooftop, away from the city centre. This is a high-tech and ultramodern outdoor nightclub with a crazy dance party atmosphere where best DJs play their music compositions. White Dubai is a place of incredible parties with energetic dances and impressive light shows.

Need to notice, that Dubai’s nightlife in general has a rather strict dress code.

Guards only let in those who are really well dressed and the White Dubai club is not an exception. Although it is the largest club in the city, it is also the most popular among Dubai residents and tourists. Better to come here no later than 1 am, and reserve tables in advance.
Meydan Racecourse Grandstand Rooftop, Dubai
+971 50 443 0933

WHITE (@whitedubai)

The Cirque le Soir

One of the most scandalous clubs in UAE, The Cirque le Soir was opened in November 2011 in the Fairmont Hotel. Since then this is one of the best places of night Dubai. Today this club offers the most unusual and extraordinary clubbing experience in the city. In addition to the spacious dance floor and bar, the club also has a great lounge. It is better to book tables in the lounge in advance.

True circus performances take place there to impress guests. Clowns, snake charmers, music artists, contortionists, fire eaters and dancers in amazing costumes create an unforgettable club experience.
Fairmont Hotel - Sheikh Zayed Rd,Dubai
+971 50 995 5400

Cirque Le Soir (@cirquelesoir)


Base is a new outdoor club, with a huge stage, which opened at Dubai Design District. It is a huge open-air venue with a powerful sound, light and pyrotechnic systems. There is a dance floor, bar and lounge, where you can enjoy your favorite music and good food. Incredible ambience creates the impression that you are not in a club, but at a luxury festival.
Base club is located in the Dubai Design District that is close to Dubai Downtown. Every Thursday there is a Ladies Night there.
Dubai Design District,Dubai
+971 55 313 4999

BASE Dubai (@basedubai)

Cavalli club

The Italian designer’s club Roberto Cavalli is notable for its extravagant and luxurious interior. The walls of the nightclub are decorated with Swarovski crystals, images of exotic animals. There are 2 spacious dance floors and a VIP-zone in the club. Indeed, Cavalli Club is the place where the most elite public of the city comes to the party.
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai
+971 50 991 0400

Cavalli Club Dubai (@cavalliclubdxb)

Is it allowed to drink alcohol in clubs in Dubai?

Alcoholic beverages in Dubai are not prohibited as, for example, in Sharjah. As for nightlife, in almost any place you can drink a cocktail, champagne or other alcoholic drink. You can buy it in the bar, restaurant or in your hotel. For this you do not need special permission. However, the bartender may ask you for an identity card to check your age.

In Dubai, officially allowed to drink alcohol from 21 years. However, some clubs have restrictions on alcohol consumption for persons under 25 years.

Remember that it is strictly forbidden to be drunk in public places. If after the party the police notice you in the street while intoxicated, you will face a fine, jail and even deportation from UAE. Also there is a zero tolerance for driving a car drunk. Not even the smallest presence of alcohol in the blood is allowed.

How to dress in a club in Dubai?

To go out in the evening in Dubai people dress according to the principle “Dress to impress”. Ladies put on their most beautiful clothes and men wear the most expensive costumes. In Dubai, it is not possible to be overdressed if you are going out for a party.

In Dubai, people dress according to the principle “Dress to impress”.

Short dresses, mini skirts, high heels and bright makeup are welcome. This is not officially indicated anywhere, but in fact, there is a dress code in the nightclubs. Therefore, the guard will not allow entry for those dressed in sneakers, jeans od beachwear.

dubai nightclub
Nightclub in Dubai

Are clubs open in Dubai during Ramadan?

In Dubai most of the nightclubs are closed during Ramadan or open their doors just after the sunset. This period lasts 1 month from the beginning of May.

Ramadan is the most important time of the year for Muslims. During this time Muslims refrain from consuming food, drinking liquids, smoking and chewing gum in public places. You should also not listen loud music and women are advised not to wear open outfits.

However, some and restaurants are open during Ramadan. Most of them serve alcoholic beverages only at night or in the evening after sunset. For violation of the law, there is a fine of 2000 dirham or 2 months in prison.

Where to go for Ladies Night?

Ladies Night is basically a party with free entry for girls. Sometimes women can also get few drinks (one or more) without charge, get some discounts on dinner and other benefits.
In general, these nights in Dubai clubs are orginized every Tuesdays. However, many clubs make free parties for ladies in other days of the week. So, in fact, every day there is a Ladies Night in some club in Dubai.

For example, at the Mys Club every Thursday there is a free party for ladies, and there is also a special offer for drinks - 3 cocktails for 79 AED.

Many beach bars or pool clubs also have days when there is no entry fee for women as well as various discounts. Barasti Aquarius offers these benefits for women every sunday, monday and tuesday. These days women can get a cocktail, 50% discount on food & beverages and free towels for the beach.

A full information about bars, clubs and restaurants that make Ladies Nights you can find on the website

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